Project Updates – May 2022

We have added an interactive map to the website which shows the locations of historical community-led-planning (CLP) examples uncovered by the project so far. We want to add as many examples of community-led planning to the map as we can find. So please do tell us about any other examples or send more information about any of those listed to or tweet – @PeoplesPlans. Also, if you know further details about any of these examples or spot any errors, please get in touch.

We will soon be adding an interactive timeline and a page of links to other community-led planning sites, historical and present day campaigns and online toolkits. Do get in touch if you know of sites we should be including.

Our case study research is progressing in fascinating ways and we will be presenting stories and artefacts from these on our website in the next few months. We are currently exploring:

The Divis Estate in Belfast through the 1980s and the ‘Dreadful Enclosure’ exhibition in London, which was co-produced by the TCPA and Divis Residents Association.

The Laird Enterprise Trust in Birkenhead which, following years of work with Tony Gibson and his early, experimental Planning for Real techniques, converted the landmark Laird Building into a local creative enterprise hub.

Hidden histories from the London Docklands and other London-based cases from the 1970s and 80s.

Low-impact development and eco-settlements in Wales and the influence of grassroots campaigns on the One Planet policy in Wales.

A range of cases in Birmingham from the 1970s onwards involving community organising around clearance schemes and improvement areas such as Sparkbrook and Handsworth. We are also exploring the involvement of women in planning in Birmingham which addressed issues such as safety and accessibility in the city.

How can images and aesthetics support community led campaigns? In…