People’s Plans

Our project is engaging with people with community-led planning experience from the 1960s right up to the present. We are particularly keen to document lesser-known examples of community-led planning and to hear from those whose activity has taken place outside of planning’s formal participatory channels.

We are developing understandings of what community-led planning has meant to different people, at different points over the last 60 years and what we should understand by the term today. We hope to work through these questions and to firm up our research focus collaboratively with participants. If you are interested in being part of this conversation, you can get involved here.

In time, these pages will host:

  • A searchable digital archive, including photographs, recordings, videos, documents and more, to ensure that our history of community planning is not lost
  • Case studies, following eight initiatives in more detail, to better understand the broad range of alternative planning practices undertaken by community planners

A number of events will then bring these strands together, providing space to collectively reflect on our experience of community-led planning, with a view to understanding how we might better realise its potential now and in the future.

Read about our latest updates here